From time to time, we bang our heads together to decide what should happen next. That's why, in the summer of 2017, after two long years of bootstrapping the Republic, we decided to step up the pace a little bit...

The Republic of Reinvention was founded by three former colleagues of Beligum bvba. Beligum focused on creative technology, mainly serving advertising, marketing and communication campaigns. Back in 2015, we decided to go our own way, sharpen our focus and follow our joint passions: film and video.

For over two years, we've been doing exactly that: shooting videos, drawing storyboards and animations, developing big data software, researching artificial intelligence and even organizing film festivals. From day one, we decided to take the long road instead of the quick gain of small, intermezzo projects. We chose our clients carefully, became close friends and explained what we wanted to achieve together with them: to invent and reinvent information technology.

We believe, together with Cisco, that a big part of the future of the Internet will be video. That's why we choose to develop all of our technologies around the management, storage and understanding of digital video. From our early artificial intelligence research to the storage of big amounts of data, we all try to think about it in terms of managing big and complex media files. That's why we are quickly becoming experts in various video-, film- and media-related domains and that's why we want to broaden our scope.

We decided to share our early successes and knowledge with the world in two important acts. Firstly, by open-sourcing Stralo; our shiny-new Linked Media platform. Secondly, by offering our video expertise to other clients in a consultancy model. As hard-core video software developers and skilled system administrators, we've been working for a select number of clients in the film archive and post-production industry for over a decade now. We know their needs fairly well, so why not help others achieve the same?

Our summer has been packed with new ideas, new challenges and new goals. This fall, we hope to reach a lot of like minded people, talk about new projects and help them reach new technological heights. The sun has been shining, the Gentse Feesten have been very fruitful and the margaritas were ice-cold, now let's get to work!