We create video technology


We are software developers with years of experience who specialize in film and video.

  • We can help you create that little software tool.
  • We can write that web application for you.
  • We will automate your workflow tasks.
  • We're mobile app developers for iOS and Android.
  • We can write automatic quality-control software.
  • We'll help you construct whatever your creative brain can think of.
  • ...


So maybe you have your own awesome idea, even acquired some nice government funds, but no clue on how to create it technically? As software developers for over a decade in the industry, we love to code video-related applications, apps or websites. We specialize in images and image-related projects.

Do you have a project in mind? We love partnerships. European projects, subsidy partnerships, specialist consultancy, support contracts, presentations, trainings, etc. You name it, just ask.

Or maybe you want us to give a lecture on the latest in video technology on your symposium, conference or workshop? That too, we do.


As experts in video technology, we love to help others with expert advice.

When building infrastructure for 4K, 2K, FHD video workflows, speed and performance is of the highest importance. Fibre channel, 10Gbit Ethernet networks, SAN/NAS setups, hot, cold or deep storage solutions and custom server selection and assembly, we do it all on a day-to-day basis.

Is LTO better than HDD storage or vice versa? How can you improve your current post-production workflow? What are your options for deep and long-term archiving? Need help selecting you brand new central server? Want to know how cloud software solutions can make your work easier?

How can we help?

  • Storage
    We'll select the machines that give you the best speed/storage ratios. Need a production work-horse? We'll build you one. Need petabyte-sized-storage? No problem.
  • Workflow
    What's your need in terms of ingest-to-antenna speed? Want to know what codecs are best for mastering? Need an automated cloud-based preview system? We've got your back.
  • Hardware
    We love to build our own machines. Or help you select the best brand for your budget. Want to upgrade your network-backbone to fiber? What will a full-workstation-upgrade set you back?
  • Infrastructure
    Virtualization is the key to success and scalability. But in certain situations, you want bare metal. Do you desperately want to migrate 50 users to a cloud solution. You need us to do a security review and upgrade your gateway? What about your webserver, is it still running the latest versions with the latest security patches?

We're 100% independent. We're not tied to any manufacturer, so we'll screw together your very own custom hardware and put your name on it, if you want.


Technology doesn't run smooth forever. Files are getting bigger, systems will get slower, ingests will take longer and new versions pop up every day. You'll want someone nice to look after your installation from time to time and give you a friendly summary over a hot cup of coffee.

Some examples of what we do for others on a day-to-day basis:

  • server monitoring
  • security testing and fixing
  • network-speed upgrades
  • machine replacement
  • A/V infrastructure
  • workstation patching, installation and upgrades