Stralo, Linked Data made simple

Web application development

Stralo is by far the number one technology we've been using and working on since the conception of the Republic of Reinvention. Nearly all new projects we launch use it in one way or another, so it's getting better every day.

In the summer of 2017, we took a big decision and agreed the technology is stable enough to open-source Stralo. Read on below to know what makes this Linked Data knowledge system so special and don't hesitate to contact us to get more information.

Free and open-source, including commercial support

Stralo is a collection of software modules to build very simple to very complex webapps. This website, for instance, is built using Stralo.

Stralo is open source, so it’s free to use and adapt. We offer commercial support, sponsored development, advanced plug-ins and training sessions.

The run-up

Back in 2014, we had a dream: to invent a new and over-the-top-human-friendly knowledge creation system. A software platform based on open standards that, by design, could talk to the rest of the Internet.

Our aims were high, Stralo should:

  • be user extremely friendly
  • be fun to use
  • have support for both editing of content and design of how it looks
  • have integrated big-media support for multi-terabyte-files
  • be natively multilingual
  • have a triplestore as back-end
  • have integrated computer vision support
  • have support for various A.I. frameworks

At first sight, the first and last requirements are hard to reconcile, but we gave it a shot anyway and today, we're proud to say we succeeded.

Linked Data

Linked Data is the basic idea of Stralo. It's gaining popularity every day and many consider it to be the future of the Internet. A future where all websites can communicate with each other and inform, exchange and even reason about content, where webapplications understand that content.

In 2014, we took a big risk of building Stralo around the concepts of Linked Data and today, we're more than happy we did and we should do it all over again. Together with Artificial Intelligence, Linked Data (in all it's forms) is the technology of the future. That's why we incorporated both in the DNA is Stralo, from the start, not by patchwork. 

Make it fun!

We at the Republic believe end-users of our technology should enjoy it. Everything we create, we create to make people's life easier. Stralo is no different. That's why we tried to add a little Lego-factor; Stralo-pages are built using blocks of content (text, image, video, fact, ...) that you stack together to create knowledge. The reasoning machine in the back-end follows your moves and deduces what you mean, while you're busy creating something beautiful for your end users. So while you're having fun, the machines do the heavy work.