Video tour guides

Mobile video on location

Do you want to do storytelling "on location". The basic idea is simple enough: shoot a video and play it back - on a smartphone - at the same spot where it was recorded.

The results are amazing: we're able to facilitate practical tourist video-guides,  re-live-the-moment experiences for children or create a tailored promotional tour around your company.

All of this was made into a video platform called "Shorrt" with an state-of-the-art app for iOS and Android.  Go ahead and install it on your phone, you'll see it's easy and fun.


We can offer you the best of both worlds: a ready-made mobile platform with integrated GPS localisation - backed by skilled developers for customization - and an complete film crew that specializes in creating short and hip video productions.

KU Leuven University Tours

Want a demonstration? Head over to the App or Play store and download the KU Leuven University Tours app. Highly recommended!