About us

A letter to you, dear visitor

Hi there!

We are Republic of Reinvention, a small-sized company based in Ghent, Belgium. The Republic is built around the love for technology. We like to consider our self a modern inventors office. We're not only consultants but also do the heavy lifting: we're hardcore developers that get things done.

As opposed to "true" inventors like nano scientists, quantum researchers or space explorers, we specialize in "re-invention". This means we work on day-to-day inventions that make the life of our customers easier, more comfortable or more profitable. Often by re-inventing or re-thinking existing solutions.

All our employees have a combined analytical and artistic mindset. We strongly believe developers are more than number-crunchers or code-monkeys. Creative thinking and engineering leads to unconventional, out-of-the box and disruptive solutions. It's the main reason why we often find new, affordable or simpler solutions to complex problems.

Because our roots lie in cinema and video (post-)production, we specialize in video- or image-related projects: scanners, encoders, multimedia, indexers, OCR, video productions, mobile or streaming solutions. This is where our love for art, film and video spills over to engineering.

When browsing through our projects, you'll notice we have a tendency to mix software and hardware. When we get the possibility to integrate the building of physical objects and making them "smart" by adding technology, we shine the brightest.

Also, we don't shy away from pure creative projects like advertising video productions or the launch of a new film festival. Always driven or inspired by the love for technology, those are projects where the proverbial artist meets the mathematician to give birth to something new.

To sum up: we're do-ers, not talk-ers. We jump right in and often start developing right away during that first phone call. So if you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find them... maybe you can hire...