About us

A letter to you, dear visitor

Hi there!

We are the Republic of Reinvention, a small company built around the love for film and video. We approach film both from a technical and artistic point of view because we believe the state of today's film and video is both extremely technical and because of all those technical possibilities, highly artistic. We consist of an ever expanding group of experts and artists in a range of domains where there's one common denominator: moving images.

To us, film is analogue, digitized or digital-born, it doesn't matter where it originated, we try to acquire as much knowledge as possible regardless the type. By looking at the film industry through the eyes of the medium, our approach is sector-agnostic. We work for film archives, media broadcasters, post-production companies, advertising agencies and so forth.

Next to producing small to medium-sized productions, we also develop state-of-the-art video-related software solutions - for us and others - and offer specialist advice to companies with media-related needs, questions and challenges. This double-sided identity enables us to code software with a realistic view on video production workflows and shoot videos with a lot of technical luggage in mind.

As photographers and video producers we create stunning videoclips for advertising, marketing, communication and social media purposes.

As highly skilled developers we are trained in all modern and industrial programming languages and carry expert scientific knowledge in various domains: video manipulation, computer vision, linked data, mobile development, big data and artificial intelligence.

As system administrators we have years of experience in building ultra-speed network setups , electronics design, server, rack and datacenter assembly, Linux/Mac/Windows administration, workflow optimization and server-side scripting.

As scientists, we like to consider ourselves as artists.

As artists, we like to be humble scientists.

Last and not least, we would like to work for you, with you and by your side.

Our mission

To invent, create and offer solutions to companies with video-related challenges.

Our vision

We believe video is the future. By understanding video, we try to understand, predict and foresee the future of the Internet.

Our passion

We strive to build an atmosphere that breathes intimate video knowledge; from production to software development, long-term storage and low-level research.

The team

Bram Biesbrouck
Managing Partner, Coder, Producer

Ruben Persoons
Partner, Photographer, Producer

Bram De Veirman
Coder, System administrator

Wim Roose
System administrator, Coder